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Drag & drop quiz component with SortableJS

Last modified on September 15th 2020 GitHub [Source] CodePen [Demo]

SortableJS is a JavaScript library for building re-orderable drag and drop ui elements.

As an introduction to the library we’ll build a quiz that requires the user to correctly order a set of answers.

SortableJS List Items

SortableJS can be downloaded from here or loaded via CDN.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/sortablejs@latest/Sortable.min.js"></script>

In this example we’ll ask the user to sort a list of F1 drivers by their number of Grand Prix victories.

Let’s get started by creating the following HTML list with the driver names:

<!-- index.html --> <ul id="quiz"> <li>Ayrton Senna</li> <li>Sebastian Vettel</li> <li>Lewis Hamilton</li> <li>Fernando Alonso</li> <li>Michael Schumacher</li> <li>Alain Prost</li> </ul>

Next we initiate SortableJS, passing the id of our “quiz” element.

// script.js new Sortable(quiz);

At this point you should be able to drag the list items to change the order in the browser.

Next we’ll add a button to the HTML that can be clicked to check if the answer is correct:

<!-- index.html --> <button onclick="checkAnswer()">Check Answer</button>

Then define the correct order that the drivers need to be sorted:

// script.js const correctAnswers = [ "Michael Schumacher", "Lewis Hamilton", "Sebastian Vettel", "Alain Prost", "Ayrton Senna", "Fernando Alonso", ];

In the checkAnswer function we push the answers to an array and then compare with the correctAnswers.

// script.js function checkAnswer() { const li = document.querySelectorAll("#quiz li"); let answers = new Array(); li.forEach(function (text) { answers.push(text.innerHTML); }); if (JSON.stringify(correctAnswers) === JSON.stringify(answers)) { alert("Correct :)"); } else { alert("Try Again..."); } }

Lastly we’ll add some basic styling and change the cursor style to indicate the list items are draggable.

/* style.css */ #quiz li { display: block; background-color: lightsteelblue; padding: 10px; border-bottom: 1px solid #fff; cursor: move; cursor: -webkit-grabbing; } #quiz li.sortable-chosen { background-color: lightslategray; }